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MCIS is an acronym for Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions
MCIS is Miller Electric Companyís brand for Data Center and Critical Facility Solutions. It is an evolution of Miller Electricís Critical Power Services combined with Integrated Systems and with the addition of Monitoring Solutions. MCIS packages these together so that we can deliver to clients our entire range of Critical Facility Solutions through one offering.
Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions that allow them to focus on their core business while we focus on their critical infrastructure.
Critical Facility Infrastructure is the Power, Cooling, and Communication Systems whose failure will result in the failure of business operations
Led by Vice Presidents Donnie Smith and David Stallings, MCIS brings together a cross-functional team within Miller Electric Company combining experts from multiple divisions, disciplines, and industry partners. MCIS is not a division, but a brand for delivering our comprehensive solution to clients across our divisions.
Working with our internal team and bringing in leading industry partners, MCIS can provide design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, monitoring, optimization, and management of the entire critical facility infrastructure.
We understand that all clients have different needs. MCIS can custom tailor a solution that makes sense for the client. We work with the client to understand their business, their critical infrastructure, their internal capabilities, and the level of availability required. From that point, we can work with the client to develop a solution ranging from basic on-call service to full infrastructure management. Although the scope of services and equipment can vary widely by client, we envision our solutions falling into one of four service levels:
  • Bronze: †††††††††††††† On-call Service Contract with agreed upon rates and response time
  • Silver:††††††††††††††††††† Bronze + Preventative Maintenance of Critical Equipment
  • Gold:†††††††††††††††††††† Silver + Real-time monitoring of Critical Equipment
  • Diamond:††††††††††† Full Managed Services of Critical Infrastructure with DCIM implementation
Our standard monitoring solution for MCIS is SentryLogic developed by Facility Automation Solutions. This solution is web enabled, customizable, and equipment vendor neutral. The system can interface with the multiple industry standard protocols such as: Andover Continuum & Infinity, Tridium, BACnet, Modbus TCP or RTU, SNMP, N2 Devices, Wifi Sensors & Bert Load Relays. Other proprietary systems can also be monitored via eDrive. MCIS also provides monitoring platforms from StruxureWare and SmartZone to cover any customer needs.
Yes, MCIS combines monitoring abilities with industry leading management of a customerís physical infrastructure utilizing DCIM systems from Commscope, StruxtureWare, and SmartZone depending upon the customerís infrastructure needs.
While MCIS provides solutions to wide range of clients, we believe that we can best help clients that require a significant mission critical infrastructure but may not be in the data center business. This includes banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and many other industries that are reliant on availability and access to their information. We look for growth companies that desire to keep ownership of their critical infrastructure while outsourcing some portion of operations and maintenance.
As part of Miller Electric Company, we are licensed as an Electrical Contractor in over 40 states. By engaging our network of NECA contractors and working with our industry partners, we can deliver solutions for our clients across the country, and beyond.
Everything MCIS is Miller Electric Company, although not everything Miller Electric is MCIS. MCIS represents a group of services that can be delivered through any division to any client. MCIS overlaps significantly with our traditional Critical Power and Integrated Systems business units, while also offering extended services such as equipment monitoring, and DCIM.