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Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions helps build, monitor, maintain & optimize your data center and other critical infrastructure facilities.

Data Center Solutions
MCIS offers various data center and critical infrastructure solutions like data center design, construction, monitoring, maintenance and optimization.

Data Center Construction
Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions helps plan, design and build data center and critical infrastructure facilities.

Turn-Key Modular Data Center Design
MCIS helps you design, build, expand or add capacity to your existing data center infrastructure with Turn-key modular data center solutions.

Feasibility Studies
Learn how MCIS helps find optimal equipment configuration for data centers with custom data center feasibility studies.

MCIS offers custom data center design and construction services.

Modular Construction
MCIS offers modular data centers and also helps you assemble prefabricated building blocks into a working data center.

Construction Management
Learn about data center and critical infrastructure construction management services MCIS offers.

Commissioning & Testing
MCIS offers high-quality testing and commissioning services like ensuring capacity and efficiency needs are met, providing design reviews etc. for data centers and critical infrastructures.

Security Access & Control
MCIS offers security and surveillance solutions for data centers to gain protection against malicious attackers, maximize uptime etc.

Distributed Antennae Systems
Experienced team at MCIS helps build distributed antenna system that provides higher level of wireless connectivity for your data center, using the smallest amount of resources possible.

MCIS offers pre-fabrication services delivering high quality, consistent product in an effective, time-saving manner that meets the precise specifications of your data center project.

Data Center Assessments
MCIS offers data center assessment services that help identify areas of improvement and offers solutions for the same.

Data Center Engineering Services
MCIS offers data center engineering services to help achieve high performance, maximum uptime and maximum efficiency.

MCIS helps you find all of the BIM models you need for all the data center infrastructure products.

Electrical Contracting Services
Learn about electrical contracting services MCIS offers for data centers and critical infrastructures

Copper / Fiber Design & Installation
Team of cabling experts at MCIS offer copper and fiber design and installation services for data centers and critical infrastructures.

Relocation Management
MCIS offers hassle-free relocation services for data centers and critical infrastructure facilities.

Mass Notification Systems
MCIS offers design and implementation for mass notification systems that can be integrated with the new or existing data center or critical infrastructure.

Fire Alarm Systems
MCIS helps you build a fully integrated fire safety system for your data center and critical infrastructures to keep both employees and data safe.

Data Center Maintenance
MCIS offers data center and critical infrastructure maintenance services like vendor management, predictive maintenance, disaster recovery etc.

Data Center Assessment
MCIS offers data center assessments to identify problems and improve data center reliability and efficiency.

Critical Infrastructure Documentation
MCIS Critical Infrastructure Documentation to keep critical infrastructure information up to date and accurate.

Method of Procedure (MOP) Development
MCIS helps offers plan to document and accurately monitor methods of procedure.

Infrared Imaging
MCIS offers Infrared Imaging for better understanding of your data centers health and efficiency.

Disaster Recovery Services
MCIS offers disaster recovery plan to ensure proper working of your data center and other critical infrastructure facilities.

24/7 Support
MCIS offers 24/7 support to ensure safety and continuous support of your data center.

Onsite Maintenance
MCIS offers both preventive and reactive onsite maintenance for data centers and critical infrastructure facilities.

Turn-Key Preventative Maintenance
MCIS offers Turn-Key Preventative Maintenance for Data Centers to improve reliability and efficiency.

Vendor Management System
MCIS helps establish and maintain vendor relationships ensuring every vendor follows method of procedure.

Predictive Maintenance
MCIS offers predictive maintenance to address an issue in your data center before it causes an outage.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance & Testing for Data Center
MCIS offers circuit breaker maintenance and testing for data center to address an outage as soon as possible.

Fuel Services
MCIS ensures that all your fuel and fuel systems are clean to ensure proper working of your data center.

Data Center Monitoring
MCIS offers 24/7 data center monitoring services and offers vendor neutral DCIM solutions.

DCIM Software
MCIS helps monitor efficiency, capacity and automate asset tracking with DCIM software.

Capacity Planning & Management
Understand your data center capacity needs and plan accordingly with data center capacity planning and management solutions by MCIS.

Dynamic PUE and DCiE Monitoring
Learn about changes in your PUE & DCiE ratings in real time with 24/7 data center infrastructure management solutions by MCIS.

Facility Load Monitoring
MCIS offers 24/7 data center load monitoring to reduce power usage, minimize cost etc.

Security, Access Control, and Surveillance Monitoring
MCIS offers data center surveillance & security access control solutions to conduct surveillance, secure the perimeter etc.

Building Management Systems (BMS)
MCIS offers Building Management Systems that helps automate the monitoring and control of building systems like HVAC, power, lighting, security, and fire systems.

Why DCIM is Essential for a Data Center Facility
DCIM is essential for a data center facility as it informs data center operators about data center capacity, efficiency and track assets.

Implementing DCIM Solutions
Learn about different things to consider while implementing DCIM solutions.

Asset Tracking & Reporting
MCIS offers automated asset tracking and reporting solutions for data centers.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions
MCIS offers environmental monitoring solutions for data centers to monitor heat, moisture etc.

Energy Monitoring
MCIS offers hardware, software and analysis to accurately understand and increase your data center efficiency.

Branch Circuit Monitoring
MCIS offers branch circuit monitoring services to enable data center operators look into information like amperage, voltage, energy usage, etc.

Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Solutions
Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Solutions by MCIS helps monitor data center facility in real time, document equipment by location and maximize equipment uptime.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solutions
MCIS offers DCIM Solutions that enables data center operators to monitor data center efficiency, capacity and reduce downtime.

DCIM Expectations and ROI
Learn what to expect from DCIM solutions provided by MCIS and how to measure ROI.

Reduction in Data Center Downtime
Learn how DCIM solutions helps reduce data center downtime and improve data center efficiency.

Data Center Optimization
MCIS offers data center optimization services to improve performance of your data center and critical infrastructure facilities.

Energy Auditing
MCIS helps improve your data centers energy efficiency with the help of energy audits and thorough analysis.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells
MCIS helps implement hydrogen fuel cells within your data center facility to improve energy efficiency.

Arc Flash Studies
Learn to keep your critical infrastructure facilities safe by addressing threats like arc flashes with arc flash study and analysis solutions by MCIS.

Circuit Loading Study
MCIS helps data center operators to conduct and interpret circuit loading study.

Air Flow Studies
Understand current state of pressurization within your facility, ensure optimal environment and reduce downtime with airflow studies.

Renewable Power Systems
MCIS offers renewable energy systems and solutions to help cut down cost and improve efficiency.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems
MCIS has team of experts that help implement solar photovoltaic systems for data centers that helps reduce power costs tremendously.

Power Quality Analysis
MCIS offers complete power quality analysis and monitoring solutions to improve efficiency of data center and critical infrastructure facilities.

Coordination Study
MCIS offers short circuit and coordination study that helps you identify, analyze and reduce short circuits and equipment failures.

Alternate Fuel Services
MCIS offers alternate fuel cells and services that help keep the entire power generation process within your facility.

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MCIS, a division of Miller Electric Company offers turnkey data center and critical infrastructure solutions.

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