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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

When you first designed your data center, did you really take the time to think about how all the different pieces would be positioned and integrated? Of course, creating a well-designed data center is a priority for all critical infrastructure managers, but sometimes, there’s just too much for one person to keep track of. This could lead to design flaws falling through the cracks, which in turn could lead to costly problems with the data center later on.

Fortunately, today’s data center managers have access to building information modeling (BIM) to help them get a better look at what products should go where as they design their data centers. BIM provides 3D spatial models of data center components, complete with detailed and accurate information about each of those components. With this greater understanding of how all the pieces fit together, data center admins are able to build a stronger, more integrated data center, with less possibility for problems caused by component interference.

MCIS Helps Data Center Admins Make the Most of BIM

Perhaps you’ve heard about BIM before, but aren’t sure how to get started applying it to your organization. That’s where Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can help. Our team of experienced data center engineers can help you find all of the BIM models you need for the infrastructure products you’re considering for your data center. We’ll also provide you with the knowledge and skill needed to put those models to work in order to build a better data center.

Using BIM services from MCIS can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Easy access to BIM models for a wide range of products across multiple formats
  • Help with designing, interpreting and applying your BIM models
  • A faster, more affordable data center implementation with fewer interruptions

Easy Access to BIM Models

First of all, it should go without saying that you need to be able to find the correct models before you start pursuing BIM for your data center. There are many different sources you could pursue to look for the BIM models you need, but finding a single source that can help connect you with all the BIM models you need for your data center, across all product types, product manufacturers, and modeling formats is often easier said than done.

However, when you work with MCIS to conduct your BIM, that’s exactly what you’ll receive. We’ll connect you with the models you need to get started with BIM for your data center, and then we’ll even provide you with the support and guidance you need to put those models into action.

Help with Designing, Interpreting and Applying Your BIM Models

The mere act of acquiring BIM models doesn’t do you very much good if you aren’t able to make use of them. Our team of engineers can work with you to turn the BIM models you’ve got into an integrated model of your data center, allowing you to see an accurate representation of what the configuration looks like, how the power and air flow will work, and where the potential problem points are.
MCIS can also help you make sense of your BIM models, taking the guess work out of the equation by showing you what the results of your BIM models really mean. Then, we’ll also help you transfer that understanding into practice by using the BIM models to come up with a design you can use to create a high-performance, high-efficiency data center with no major issues.

A Faster, More Affordable Data Center Implementation

One of the greatest benefits of BIM is that once it becomes time for you to actually build your data center, you’ll know exactly how your data center components need to be configured in order to create the best infrastructure possible. In addition, you’ll have already identified and removed any roadblocks that might have prevented the implementation from proceeding according to plan.

As a result, you’ll end up with every data center admin’s dream: an implementation that proceeds on schedule and on budget, with no delays and no surprises. The MCIS team can also help you with your implementation project, creating a continuity of services from the first BIM models to the final physical data center. This continuity can help reduce complexity in your data center project, while also taking the stress and hassle off of your shoulders.

MCIS is your Trusted BIM Partner

To learn more about BIM services and other data center solutions MCIS offers, or to get started with your project, contact us today.