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Commissioning and Testing

Data Center Commissioning and Testing Services

Chances are you have a pretty good idea of exactly what kind of results you’d like to get out of your data center. However, actually getting those results can be complicated. First, you have to come up with a design for a data center that can meet your needs. Even then, you can’t always be sure that your design will function the way that you intend it to.

That’s where testing and commissioning services from Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can help. Our team of experienced data center engineers will take your designs and provide an outside review, helping you see any problems that you might have missed.

Then, we’ll conduct the tests you need to help you verify that the data center you build is actually going to provide the kind of results your hoping for. With this information in hand, you’ll either be able to start your data center implementation with confidence, or go back to the drawing board to address any issues that came up during the testing and commissioning phase.

Know Exactly What You’re Getting with Testing and Commissioning from MCIS

For decades, MCIS has been bringing our design and electrical experience to the data center and critical infrastructure marketplace. Today, that tradition continues with our high-quality testing and commissioning services, which allow businesses to make the most informed decisions possible about their data center infrastructures.

Working with MCIS to conduct your data center commissioning and testing can offer you the following benefits:

  • Ensure that organizational capacity and efficiency needs will be met
  • Provide an outside design review to ensure objectivity
  • Conduct failure scenarios to make sure the infrastructure is as resilient as possible

Ensure that Organizational Capacity and Efficiency Needs Will Be Met

If your organization is like most organizations out there, not just any data center will do. You need one that’s designed specifically to ensure the level of performance, capacity, and efficiency that your organization is looking for.

Creating an effective design may be the first step toward meeting these needs, but even with such a design in hand, there are still plenty of assumptions and “what-if” scenarios that have to be tested before your organization can really be sure that the new data center will meet its targets.

Data center implementations are expensive, and with so much money on the table, you simply can’t afford to leave things up to chance. That’s where the expert engineers from MCIS come in. We’ll help you do the commissioning and testing you need, and then help you interpret the results, so you’ll go into the data center implementation completely informed.

Provide an Outside Design Review to Ensure Objectivity

Even when a designer has the best of intentions, their data center designs may suffer from holes and overlooked problems that could come back to cause serious damage later on in the finished data center. Using MCIS to conduct testing and commissioning can help avoid this by providing an objective outside observer to conduct the commissioning and testing.

The MCIS tester will be able to look at your data center design with fresh eyes, helping to identify possible issues that the original designer may have overlooked for one reason or another. Once these issues have been identified, the tester can also help provide suggestions to address them before the data center moves on to the final implementation stage.

Conduct Failure Scenarios to Make Sure the Infrastructure Is As Resilient As Possible

A working data center is made up of many different interconnected parts, including mechanical systems, electrical systems, and storage hardware. People tend to think of these different systems as separate entities, but the truth is that once they are integrated into the same data center, they become part of one big working whole, and all the pieces matter equally.

This means that there an almost limitless number of failure scenarios your have to account for within your data center. If an electrical system goes bad, it doesn’t just affect that particular electrical system. Everything that’s connected to that system will be affected, and the possibility of spillover failure will be very high.

That’s why it’s important for you to conduct thorough testing and commissioning before you even think about building your data center. Once you find out what the different failure scenarios are, and how they all interconnect with one another, you’ll be able to build in fail safes to make your data center as reliable as possible.

To learn more about testing and commissioning or other data center designs and construction services from MCIS, or to get started, contact us today.