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Construction Management

Data Center Construction Management

Great data centers just don’t happen by accident; they require a predetermined strategy and a consistent, step-by-step approach. This means that one of the keys to getting the data center your business needs is working with an experienced construction manager who can oversee the entire process.

A data center implementation can be a very complex and expensive project. Failing to work with an experienced, professional construction manager will only make things worse. As unexpected complications arise, you will be unable to react to them appropriately, leading to a project that could end up being more expensive, time-consuming and disruptive than you might have predicted going in.

MCIS Construction Management Services for Data Centers

The team at Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) has decades of experience overseeing construction projects for the data center and critical infrastructure market. Our team of experienced, certified engineers and project managers can help bring a professional touch to your project, highly decreasing the likelihood that your data center implementation will go over budget or take longer than expected to complete.

Working with MCIS for your data center construction management can offer you the following benefits:

  • A data center project that’s completed on time and under budget
  • The upmost in safety and security measures
  • As few interruptions as possible to your ongoing processes

A Data Center Project That’s Completed On Time and Under Budget

What’s the best way to account and plan for all possible variables in your data center construction project? Hire a turnkey contractor like MCIS to handle the entire implementation, from start to finish.

MCIS can oversee your entire data center project, starting out in the design phase, building an integrated project plan and strategy, and then making sure that the entire thing is overseen by experienced construction project managers who understand the type of challenges that data center construction projects typically face.

By working with a single vendor to handle both the design and construction of your data center infrastructure, you can cut down on the amount of things that can go wrong. MCIS is uniquely qualified to serve as this single turnkey vendor. We know what can go wrong in a data center implementation, and we know how to avoid those delays and setbacks. As a result, your project can proceed according to plan, which in turn makes sure that you don’t end up going over budget or beyond your scheduled timeframe.

Priority in Safety and Security Measures

A data center implementation project can be a dangerous thing. There are many different interlocking parts to account for, including high-voltage electrical equipment. It takes a professional’s touch in order to make sure that nothing goes seriously wrong during the project.

Fortunately, MCIS can provide just such a professional touch. All of our data center construction projects are governed vigilantly by safety and security best practices. Our experienced team of construction project managers will be on site every day to make sure that they entire project is following those best practices for construction safety.

We take these measures both to protect your team and our team. At the end of the day, we understand that building a great data center is only one of the goals of our construction managers. Making sure that no one gets seriously injured in the process is equally important.

As Few Interruptions as Possible To Your Ongoing Processes

Your business doesn’t stop running just because you need to build or update a data center. A data center implementation can be very disruptive to your business, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. MCIS understands this, so our construction managers aim to create an implementation plan that’s specifically designed to cause as little disruption as possible to your company’s ongoing processes.

Our construction managers have decades of experience working around our customers’ day-to-day business operations. They know what types of things go on in these businesses, and they know strategies that can help the construction processes stay out of the way. We pledge to offer you a construction project that will allow your business to continue functioning as usual throughout the entire project. In the end, it’s our goal that you will barely even notice we’re there.

MCIS: Your Trusted Construction Partner for Critical Infrastructure

Our team is waiting to bring our experience and professional touch to your critical infrastructure construction project. To learn more about data center construction management from MCIS, or to get started with your project, contact us today.