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Copper / Fiber Design & Installation

Copper/Fiber Cabling Services for Data Centers: Design & Installation

In today’s data-intensive business world, the demand for data centers that can stand up to high performance and service level agreement demands has never been greater than it is right now. This, in turn, places more stress on the physical infrastructure of the data center, requiring systems that can provide high-speed data transfer and the strength and flexibility needed to be part of a high-density data center. Data centers that continue to rely on outdated physical infrastructures will quickly find themselves being left behind

Fortunately, copper and fiber cabling from Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can help. MCIS can offer the latest in data center cabling technology, as well as the design services you need to make sure you get the exact cabling infrastructure that meets the specific needs of your organization.

MCIS Copper and Fiber Cabling Is the Backbone of an Effective Modern Data Center

For decades now, MCIS has been providing electrical design and installation services for the data center and critical infrastructure marketplace. Today, we are proud to keep that tradition of customer service and technical know-how alive by providing the latest in cabling to meet your data center needs.

Working with MCIS for your copper and fiber cabling needs can offer you the following benefits:

  • Support for high-performance and high-efficiency data centers
  • Maximum flexibility in data center design and layout
  • A complete suite of design and installation services

Support for High-Performance and High-Efficiency Data Centers

It’s no secret that today’s data centers need to be faster, more efficient and more resilient than ever before. So why would you try to meet the needs of today’s data center with a physical infrastructure from the past?

With MCIS, you no longer have to. Our team of experienced electrical engineers has provided cabling services for many high-performance data centers just like yours, and now they’re ready to bring their knowledge and experience to your data center implementation. They can create the cabling infrastructure you need to get the high performance levels you’re looking for, allowing you to move data fast enough to keep pace with the world around you.

In addition, MCIS copper and fiber can be used in conjunction with high-efficiency prefabricated data centers, which can offer you faster time to value and more effective use of your company’s limited resources.

Maximum Flexibility in Data Center Design and Layout

What’s the right cabling infrastructure for your data center? Optical fiber? Direct attach? Twisted pair?

The short answer is that it might be a combination of all these options and more, but you’ll never be able to find out what that exact combination is unless you work with an experienced team of professionals who can design your cabling infrastructure for you.

MCIS understands the challenges of designing a high-performance infrastructure, and knows how all of the different cabling options fit into the equation. As a result, they are able to build an infrastructure that makes optimum use of all of the different options, which in turn contributes to maximum flexibility in data center design, location and configuration. To put it quite simply, cabling from MCIS enables the data center you need, no matter what that data center might look like.

A Complete Suite of Design and Installation Services

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with MCIS for copper and fiber cabling is that you get so much more than just cabling. We’ll work with you every step of the way, starting out at the design phase, and sticking with you all the way through to implementation. As a result, you can be sure that your cabling infrastructure will be perfectly suited for your data center, and that your data center will be perfectly designed and configured to make the most of that cabling. With an MCIS data center implementation, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Working with a single vendor to manage your entire data center project also simplifies the whole affair by creating fewer opportunities for things to go wrong. In addition, you’ll have only one point of contact for the entire project, which means that you’ll always know exactly what’s going on. This can help take a lot of the stress and pressure of the project off of you.

MCIS: Your Trusted Data Center Cabling Infrastructure Partner

The team of cabling experts at MCIS is ready to work for you. To learn more about copper and fiber design and installation services and other data center design and construction services from MCIS, or to get started, contact us today.