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Distributed Antennae Systems

If you’re looking to add new wireless connectivity to help your data center perform better, your choices may seem almost endless. At the same time, trying to get the wireless connectivity you need while also maximizing efficiency and reliability can make the whole issue even more complex and difficult to figure out.

Fortunately, distributed antenna systems from Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) may be the answer you are looking for. The experienced team at MCIS can help you build a distributed antenna system that gives you the higher level of wireless connectivity you need to keep your data center running great, while also helping you keep infrastructure costs down and make the most of your limited resources.

MCIS Distributed Antenna Systems: Connectivity Wherever You Need it

Ever since the 1980s, MCIS has been providing high-quality critical infrastructure solutions that help our customers succeed. Now, we are continuing that tradition with distributed antenna systems that help our customers get the wireless connectivity they need, wherever they need it, and using the smallest amount of resources possible. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable engineers is standing by and ready to work for you.

By working with MCIS to build your distributed antenna systems, your organization can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The flexibility to spread costs and antenna load over large areas
  • The level of capacity you need, no matter where you need it
  • A shared infrastructure model that can cut down on infrastructure costs

The Flexibility to Spread Costs and Antenna Load Over Large Areas

It’s no secret that wireless antenna infrastructure is expensive. It can also be very fragile, meaning that if you rely on just one central wireless antenna to provide all of the wireless connectivity your data center needs, a single incident of bad luck may be all it takes to knock your data center offline.

On the other hand, with distributed antenna systems, you’re able to spread the costs and power load over multiple antennas, meaning that your data center’s connectivity does not depend on a single piece of technology functioning correctly. A distributed antenna system can keep your data center from putting all of its eggs in one basket, while significantly increasing the likelihood that your wireless connectivity infrastructure will stay online and continue to provide connectivity for your data center. At the same time, if one of the antennae in the system does need to be replaced due to an outage, the cost to replace it will be more affordable than the cost of replacing a single central antenna.

The Level of Capacity You Need, No Matter Where You Need It

Getting the wireless connectivity you need to your data center is not always easy, particularly in challenging terrain and settings. If your data center is a difficult to reach place, or an especially crowded area, a distributed antenna system may be the key to getting wireless connectivity, since a distributed antenna system can be successfully deployed in a wider range of settings than other technologies. As a result, you are also able to open a whole range of new possible locations for your next data center.

In addition, MCIS also has the flexibility to offer you outdoor or indoor distributed antenna systems. If you’re looking to provide a simple and easy way to offer your employees wireless connectivity across your infrastructure, allowing them to communicate quicker, collaborate better, and work harder, an indoor distributed antenna system might be the answer you’re looking for.

A Shared Infrastructure Model That Can Cut Down On Infrastructure Costs

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of distributed antenna systems from MCIS is that they can be deployed using a shared infrastructure model. This means that your data center can reap the benefits of stronger wireless connectivity in more places without having to shell out the entire cost of the antenna infrastructure.

As a result, distributed antenna systems from MCIS can provide your data center with the best of both worlds. Our team of experienced professionals will focus on helping you build the distributed antenna system that best meets the needs of your business, while also allowing you to benefit from that system without having to make large-scale infrastructure investments that may not fit into your company’s budget.

The team at MCIS is standing by to help bring the power, flexibility, and reliability of distributed antenna systems to your business. Contact us today to learn more about distributed antenna systems and what they can do for you.