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Feasibility Studies

Data Center Feasibility Studies & Consulting Services

As a data center manager, you understand the complexity and high up-front costs involved with building a new data center, or updating an existing one. That’s why you should never dream of starting one of these major projects without first conducting a feasibility study.

The team of experienced data center professionals from Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can help you conduct your feasibility study before you start working on your major implementation project, and then help you interpret the results so you can get your project off to the best start possible.

MCIS Feasibility Studies: The Foundation that Quality Data Centers Are Built On

For years, MCIS has been helping customers kick off their data center implementations or refurbishments with feasibility studies that help them make the most of their time, money, and resources. A data center feasibility study from MCIS can offer you the following benefits:

  • Information on optimal equipment configurations for mechanical, electrical and hardware systems
  • Return on investment models to help you budget and plan ahead for future operating expenses
  • Recommendations specifically tailored to your business and the industry it operates in

Optimal Equipment Configurations

Your responsibility as a data center manager is to create an infrastructure that provides the perfect balance of high performance and low operating expenses. However, this balance does not happen by chance; you must take the time to find out what equipment you need to build the optimum infrastructure for your business, and then consider the best ways to configure and connect that equipment into a working whole.

Unfortunately, finding out these kinds of details about your data center needs can be difficult to do. That’s where the professional experience of the MCIS team can help. We’ll take the pressure off your shoulders by performing the feasibility study ourselves, identifying a plan to build a data center that best strikes the balance between performance and efficiency for your organization, and then working along with you to make sure the plan gets implemented correctly. As a result, you’ll have everything you need to create your new or updated data center, with the least amount of worry and hassle possible for you.

Return on Investment Models

Data center implementations or upgrades can be very expensive, and your organization wouldn’t be planning one unless they were sure there was some kind of worthwhile return they could get from doing so. Feasibility studies from MCIS can help you make sure that the returns you expect to gain from your upcoming project are realistic, and then show you what you need to do to get those returns.

In addition, MCIS feasibility studies can show you what kind of capital and operating expenses are involved with your new project. For major data center projects that can lead to very high up-front expenses and ongoing costs, knowing exactly what those costs will be can be very helpful to your organization’s budgeting and planning. As a result, you’ll never be surprised by an expected bill or a high monthly payment that comes out of nowhere.

Finally, a feasibility study can also help you identify ways to decrease these costs, helping you ensure that your new project ends up costing as little as possible.

Recommendations Specifically Tailored to Your Business

Not all businesses are exactly alike. Not all data centers are alike, either. So why should data center feasibility studies all be alike?

At MCIS, we understand that one-size-fits-all data center feasibility studies do very little to benefit our clients, which is why we don’t offer them. Instead, we take a unique, individualized approach to each customer we work with, identifying the specific data center needs of the company, looking at how they plan to meet those needs, and coming up with a list of custom-tailored recommendations to help them along the way. As a result, we put our customers on the road to a successful implementation project that’s marked by low costs, no unexpected delays or complications, and the best results possible.

MCIS: Your Critical Infrastructure Partner

If you are thinking about building a new data center, or refurbishing an existing one, begin your planning process only after you’ve talked with MCIS about a feasibility study. Our team will help you identify everything you need to know to make sure that your project is a success, and then work along with you every step up of the way to make sure that knowledge is being applied correctly.

To learn more about feasibility studies from MCIS, or to get started with yours, contact us today.

Additionally, MCIS also helps implement or refurbish data center with data center design and data center constructions solutions.