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Pre-fabrication Capabilities

Pre-fab has been proven to decrease labor costs and construction conflicts.† It is an opportunity to relocate a portion of the labor force from a busy project location to an off-site location. By manufacturing finished devices, supports, and other assemblies in a highly controlled, factory environment, Miller Pre-fab delivers a high quality, consistent product in an effective, time-saving manner that meets the precise specifications of the project.

Miller Electric can provide a multitude of products and services including the following:

  • Disconnect assemblies
  • Transformer/Panel prewired assemblies
  • Underground electric panel assemblies
  • Transformer stands
  • Custom threaded pipe/raceway
  • Pole bases
  • Power stub up assemblies
  • Lighting stub up assemblies
  • Data/Fire alarm/ Security stub up assemblies
  • Lights/supports
  • Temporary for power and lighting
  • Trapeze brackets for cable tray/conduits
  • Communication backboards (painted and cut to fit)
  • Phenolic labels
  • Modular electrical rooms
  • Start/Stop stations
  • Coordination of multi-trade prefab
  • Creative pre-fab applications specific to project

Miller Electric Company is an industry leader in utilization of pre-fabrication in electrical construction.† Through our pre-construction planning process, we identify work that can be moved off-site to reduce labor costs, improve schedule, and eliminate potential conflicts. We use our 10,000 square foot pre-fab shop in Jacksonville FL, smaller fab shops at our branch offices, and our fleet of mobile pre-fab trailers that can be deployed to the jobsite.† We also work closely with our vendors to identify opportunities to move fabrication up the supply chain.† All of these efforts lead to delivery of high quality assemblies in an effective, time-saving manner that meets the specifications of the project. For more information on Miller Electricís Pre-fabrication Capabilities, call us today at 800-554-4761.