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Security Access & Control

Your critical infrastructure plays a vital role in keeping your business as a whole up and running. If your critical infrastructure is like a lot of other critical infrastructures out there, it also integrates with IT systems on the business side and stores a lot of important data, which means that the need to keep your critical infrastructure secure is great, both from a business perspective and from a compliance perspective.

With so many different threats and malicious forces out there today, you simply can’t afford to leave your critical infrastructure vulnerable. You need to work with a team of experienced professionals that can build you a system of security and access control that can help you ensure the safety of your critical infrastructure, and make sure that you’re in compliance with all applicable government and industry regulations. That’s where the team at Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can help.

MCIS: Your Trusted Partner for Critical Infrastructure Security

Ever since the 1980s, the team at MCIS has been helping critical infrastructure admins build the security and access control systems they need to keep up with diverse and always changing threats. Now, when the threats seem to be greater and more diverse than ever, we are proud to continue our tradition of building great security and access control systems to help keep our customers’ infrastructures safe.

By working with MCIS to build your security and access control system, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • All of the security and compliance you need, with none of the complexity
  • Maximum flexibility to help you meet your access policy needs
  • An easy-to-use system that’s also powerful

All of the Security and Compliance You Need, With None of the Complexity

Building a security and access control system for your critical infrastructure can often seem like a baffling ordeal: you have so many different threats to account for, and so many different products you have to choose from and then assemble into a working security system. To top it off, government and industry regulations around data and infrastructure security are difficult to understand and always changing. While accounting for the security of your infrastructure may be your responsibility as the manager, one might wonder how you’re expected to do all that and keep doing your normal job at the same time.

Building a quality security and access control system for a critical infrastructure is almost like a full-time job in and of itself, which is why it can help to depend on an experienced team of professionals like the one at MCIS to worry about it for you. We’ll put in all the leg work to make sure you’re getting the system you need, leaving you to worry about the actual day-to-day running of your infrastructure.

Maximum Flexibility to Help You Meet Your Access Policy Needs

Access control policies need to be flexible in order to be effective; sometimes you need to change who is allowed access to your infrastructure and who is not over time, and a simple one-size-fits-all access control policy simply can’t offer you the ability to do that.

MCIS understands the differing needs of critical infrastructure managers when it comes to access control, so we aim to build systems that provide the maximum level of flexibility possible. With our customized access control dashboards, you can authorize access for certain identities or groups at certain times, and bar them at certain other times. You’re free to come up with the access control policies that best meet the specific needs of your business, whatever those needs may be.

An easy-to-use System thatís Also Powerful

A quality security and access control system can’t do your business very much good if it’s not easy to use. At MCIS, we understand the fact that building a system that’s user friendly may be equally as important as building a system that’s powerful, and we always strive to reach a delicate balance between the two.

Our security and access control systems use simple, intuitive graphical user interfaces, so that you and your staff will always be able to figure out how to control the system and get the kind of results you want, even with a minimal amount of formal training. Even so, you don’t have to sacrifice power for ease of use; you’ll still get the level of security and control you need to keep your infrastructure safe and ensure regulatory compliance.

To learn more about security and access control systems from MCIS, or to get started with building yours, contact us today.