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Breaker Maintenance and Testing

Circuit Breaker Maintenance & Testing for Data Center

Many facility managers spend minimal time thinking about their circuit breakers,particularly in light of how important those breakers are to the infrastructure as a whole. In fact, circuit breaker failure is the cause of approximately 20 percent of all avoidable power distribution system failures. Noting these statistics, it’s clear that proactive circuit breaker maintenance and testing should be at the top of every critical infrastructure facility managerís maintenance list.

If circuit breaker maintenance and testing has not been a priority in the past, working with an experienced team of electrical professionals at Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can help you to work to protect your infrastructure from avoidable failure going forward.

MCIS Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Testing Helps Ensure Ongoing Uptime for Your Infrastructure

Here at MCIS, we understand the electrical needs of the data center and critical infrastructure market. Originally descended from Miller Electric Company, one of the biggest electrical contracting firms in the United States, we’ve been providing electrical maintenance and testing services specifically for critical infrastructure for decades. Today, we’re continuing that tradition of providing dedicated and knowledgeable service to customers like you. We’re proud to say that we know the needs of our customers around critical infrastructure, because critical infrastructure is all we do.

Circuit breaker maintenance and testing services from MCIS can help your business:

  • Identify issues with circuit breakers which can be addressed quickly
  • Schedule a maintenance and testing plan that meets the needs of your organization
  • Establish both ongoing and one-time maintenance services

Identify Issues with Circuit Breakers Which Can Be Addressed Quickly

Like most equipment in your critical infrastructure, circuit breakers can fail without warning. Circuit breaker failure is usually the result of an ongoing buildup of dust or other debris, or a lubricant that has hardened. When this happens, something that started out as a seemingly minor issue can snowball, causing moving parts in the circuit breaker to freeze up, and possibly even leading to an outage of the entire facility.

At MCIS, we know what to watch for that causes circuit breaker failure and how to monitor and test them. As a result, we are able to help our customers address problems, taking action to prevent the circuit breaker from going bad or failing and replacing it if needed. With preventative maintenance and testing, we can help our customers avoid problems associated with circuit breaker failure.

Schedule a Maintenance and Testing Plan that Meets the Needs of your Organization

Most new circuit breakers can go as long as two years between being tested, as they are at a lower risk of failure. However, not all circuit breakers are the same, and not all circuit breakers are subjected to the same conditions, so you shouldn’t necessarily assume that you can ignore your circuit breakers for two years at a time. Your facility may require a more regular maintenance schedule.

At MCIS, our experienced team can identify problems that cause circuit breakers to break down sooner than expected. We can also conduct circuit breaker testing at your site to establish if specific problems should be a concern for you. This allows us to create a circuit breaker maintenance plan specific to the needs of your organization. We’ll then continue to conduct regular preventative maintenance on your circuit breakers at the interval that is appropriate for the needs of your facility.

Establish both Ongoing and one-time Maintenance Services

While ongoing preventative maintenance can certainly help you decrease the likelihood of unexpected circuit breaker failure, the fact remains that circuit breakers are parts that are often subjected to extreme power loads and environmental conditions, so it may be impossible for you to account for all possible circuit breaker outages before they happen.

This means that it’s important for you to work with a circuit breaker maintenance and testing vendor that can offer you both ongoing preventative maintenance and testing, to catch the majority of issues that may lead to outages, and one-time emergency maintenance, to help you respond to the few outages that the ongoing maintenance isn’t able to prevent. At MCIS, we can offer both of these services for you, which allow you to get back up and running as soon as possible in the aftermath of a circuit breaker failure.

To learn more about MCIS Maintenance Solutions, contact us today.