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Data Center Assessments

Data Center Assessments

Keys to improving your data center include identifying current problemsand flexibility needed for future growth. How can you fix problems in your data center when they have not been identified?

Unfortunately, identifying problems in the data center is often time consuming. As a data center manager, your time is invested in the day-to-day running of your data center minimizing the time available to assess problems. Additionally, the design was probably appropriate when originally implemented, but with technology shifts the data center could be operating less than optimal. Changing needs have caused increased attention driving the need for greater flexibility while balancing against the cost of ownership.

MCIS Data Center Assessment: Key to Consistent Data Center Improvement

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS), our goal is to assist our customers in building a reliable, efficient data center, reporting points of failure while structuring for future technology development and growth. We asses and evaluate all systems in your datacenter, then optimize the performance of each system and implement a plan based upon your business objectives.

Partnering with MCIS to conduct your data center assessments offers your organization benefits, including:

  • Increase the operational efficiencies identifying ineffective or inappropriate utilization of equipment & operating systems
  • An unbiased and dedicated observer
  • Comprehensive plans including helpful insights and clear options to improve your ROI and capitalize on growth options.

Increased Operational Efficiency: Identify Problems, No Matter Where They Exist

Your data center is a complex working whole that’s made up of many different interlocking parts, including electrical, mechanical, and technology systems. It only takes a small problem with one of these systems to cause a ripple effect that could drag down the performance and efficiency levels of your data center as a whole.

Conducting regular data center assessments are key to running efficiently and eliminating cost. By working with the MCIS team, you’ll be able to uncover inefficiencies, performance issues, and possible security concerns, all of which you might not have been able to see with the naked eye. As a result, you’ll have all the information you need to conduct a comprehensive and ongoing program of improvements for your data center.

An Unbiased and Dedicated Observer

One of the best parts of partnering with MCIS to conduct a data center assessments is our teams ability to engage and deliver a wealth of information utilizing tools that can be streamlined to your facility and operationís needs. Our team of experienced MCIS data center engineers is dedicated to your data center assessment, which means we’re not distracted by having to actually run the data center as many of you data center employees might be.

In addition, the MCIS team will be able to approach the assessment from the position of an unbiased observer. Weare able to provide a complete assessment of potential problems that may exist in your data center.

Comprehensive Plan to Improve the Data Center

While data center assessments are certainly important, it isn’t enough to merely identify problems within the data center. Instead, a data center assessment should provide useful insights including how to fix those problems, costs associated as well as long term benefits and serve as the first step in a comprehensive and ongoing strategy of data center improvement.

The MCIS data center assessment team will not only identify problems within your data center; we also explain the problems, and actions needed to fix them and improve your data center. This includes both simple steps to drive immediate results–and a plan to implement as part of an ongoing strategy to continue improving your data center and improving your ROI.

At MCIS, we use our experience and tools to gain the knowledge to empower your business. We will optimize your data center load and capacity to assist with delivering optimal results creating a plan to deliver tangible results now and in the future.

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