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Disaster Recovery Services

Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan & Other Services

Both natural and man-made disasters are unavoidable. As a critical infrastructure manager, you are responsible for the infrastructure,minimizing downtime through preparation to ensure business continuity, in the event there is disaster. This means that you have to stop thinking about disasters in terms of what might happen, and start thinking about them in terms of how you will respond when a disaster inevitably happens.

MCIS Data Center Disaster Recovery Services Help Decrease the Risk

Assisting with mitigating the risk through years of experience, Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) will equip you with a data center disaster recovery plan protecting your business assets by providing a substantive improvement in your organizationís disaster preparedness plans, with subsequent reduction in business risk.

At MCIS, we believe that critical infrastructure managers should have the confidence that they are prepared for a disaster. This mentality has helped us build robust disaster recovery solutions for our customers in the data center and critical power market over the last four decades.

Data Center Disaster Recovery Services from MCIS can benefit your business in a variety of different ways, including giving you the ability to:

  • Maintain a process of consistent business continuity and methods of procedure
  • Build a disaster recovery strategy specific to your organization
  • Ensure you are prepared for a disaster through regular system reviews

Maintain a Process of Consistent Business Continuity and Methods of Procedure

A disaster recovery plan is critical as are the steps reducing the effects of the disaster on your organization. Addressing a strategy to ensure that every reasonable measure is taken to identify and mitigate potential risks that exist within the data center and implementing a process in case an outside threat occurs, is critical. The most successful disaster recovery strategy is one that will never be implemented because risk avoidance is a key element in disaster recovery. Mother Nature is impossible to control, but we can help you control your environment in your data center through planning and process.

Working with MCIS, you can build a data center disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime with detailed instructions, in the event that a disaster occurs. MCIS can also help you institute redundant or backup data storage ensuring that your business’ data is always available, specifically for when your main data center is offline. At MCIS, we can help make it seem like the disaster never even happened in the first place.

Build a Data Center Disaster Recovery Strategy Specific to your Organization

Like so many other things in the data center and critical power market, disaster recovery plans need to be built specifically to meet the needs of individual organizations. If you use a one-size-fits-all disaster recovery solution, you shouldn’t be surprised when it costs you more than expected, or fails to get you back online as you expected.

At MCIS, we understand that giving our customers individualized service is of the utmost importance when it comes to disaster recovery. Our team takes the time to meet with you to define the appropriate approach and find the correct solution based on needs you have around disaster recovery, determining a recovery solution while also staying within your budget.

Ensure You Are Prepared for a Disaster through Regular System Reviews

Building an effective data center disaster recovery plan is important to the future of your critical infrastructure and you simply cannot afford to let it be a one-time event. Instead, it’s important that you return to your data center disaster recovery plan on a regular basis, ensuring that it still meets your needs in the light of recent changes to your infrastructure, and that all backup systems are being maintained and working as planned.

At MCIS, we understand the importance of an ongoing approach to disaster recovery, which is why we don’t just help our customers create data center disaster recovery plans. We also return to them on a regular basis to help make sure those plans are still meeting the needs of the infrastructure, addressing modifications as needed.

MCIS also offers various data center maintenance solutions like predictive and preventative maintenance to help predict and prevent system downtime in case of a disaster.