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Fuel Services

Fuel Services

Your facility’s fuel supplies play an important role in keeping you up and running in the aftermath of an unexpected event. Why leave the safety and effectiveness of those fuel supplies to chance? You don’t want to wait until you need your fuel to ensure the ongoing uptime of your facility. By then, if you find that your fuel supplies are unusable, it may be too late to do anything about it. That’s why it’s important to establish a reliable fuel maintenance strategy now, in order to make sure your facility will always have fuel when you need it.

As an expert with decades of experience in fuel maintenance, Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) is the partner you can trust to help you implement a strategy that makes sure your fuel is ready to use whenever you might need it.

Working with MCIS to implement your fuel maintenance strategy can provide you with the following services and benefits:

  • Fuel Polishing System
  • Fuel Testing
  • Symptoms of bad fuel
  • Contamination Concerns

Fuel Polishing Systems

Not everyone realizes how important it is to keep both fuel and power generation systems clean. As fuel and fuel systems sit idle, they can fall victim to a wide variety of problems, including oxidation, corrosion, and microorganism growth. The only way to fight back against these problems and ensure that both fuel and fuel systems stay clean and ready to use in case of an emergency, is with a regularly scheduled fuel polishing program.

Fuel testing

Even when you take the appropriate steps to make sure that all your fuel and fuel systems are clean, it still helps to get a more direct look at how they might perform in the event of a real emergency. Generator failures start in the fuel tank. Fuel is the most overlooked aspect of generator maintenance. That’s where fuel testing comes into play. As a supplement to a program of fuel polishing, regular fuel testing can help simulate how the fuel and fuel systems will actually be used, thereby helping you identify problems that may not be immediately obvious.

MCIS offers various data center maintenance solutions to ensure business continuity and maximum system uptime.