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Infrared Imaging

Infrared Imaging Solutionsfor Data Centers

If you could look at your data center infrastructure and immediately pick out where the power and cooling inefficiencies and possible upcoming equipment failures are, your job as a data center manager would be much simpler. Unfortunately, you don’t have this ability and often times,problems may be lurking just below the surface of your data center.

That’s why you need infrared imaging from Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) to help you analyze your data center in a completely different way. With infrared imaging, wasted power and possible downtime are easy to identify, jumping up at you in vivid colors. As a result, you can instantly take action to address any problems that exist in your data center, and then perform infrared imaging again in order to verify that the updates actually addressed the issue allowing for proactive maintenance and management program.

MCIS Helps Data Centers Visualize Their Potential Problems

Our experienced team of data center professionals has been helping data center managers address their problems and build stronger infrastructures since the 1980s. Today, we are proud to continue putting that knowledge and experience to work for customers like you, giving them the infrared imaging solutions that make it easier for them to keep their data centers online.

Using Infrared Imaging Services from MCIS Can Offer Your Business the Following Benefits:

  • Provide energy savings through monitoring power consumption in electrical, cooling, and computing equipment
  • Assists in confirmation of efficient design and identifies problems to be addressed
  • A way to enhance data center results through infrared imaging

Provide Energy Savings through Monitoring Power Consumption in Electrical, Cooling, and Computing Equipment

In the modern business world, reducing electrical consumption that is consuming the budget for organizations has become an important goal for managers everywhere. Building an efficient design is an important part of operating mandates for solid data center operations. Even when a data center is designed with reliability and economical operating costs it must be actively managed to maintain optimal performance and maximum availability, while minimizing inefficiency.

Unfortunately, data center managers may have no way of knowing that these problems exist unless they are taking steps to disclose them. Infrared imaging from MCIS assists in revealing the issues. By helping data center managers track the movement of cool and hot air through infrared thermography diagnosing, documenting problems such as short-cycling of air conditioning systems, loose electrical connections, or worn bearings, this helps data center managers to identify where the efficiency problems exist to facilitate economical operations.

MCIS assists in confirmation of efficient design and identifies problems to be addressed. Storing your company’s mission critical data means your data center needs to operate with maximum reliability. This is vital to the ongoing health and success of your business. Any power disruption could be detrimental to your business, therefore doing everything possible to avoid an outage is imperative. Your data center helps to maximize your business operations and anything that helps you gain a better understanding of possible issues facing your data center is necessary.

Infrared imaging from MCIS can be an important part of ongoing preventative maintenance within your data center. Temperature can play an important role in determining the health of a system or piece of equipment within your infrastructure. Being able to see temperature anomalies using infrared thermography (IRT) can be very helpful in identifying systems operating inefficiently. Once MCIS has helped you diagnose and document problems, we will facilitate repairs then use IRT to recheck the equipment to confirm sound operation of the data center electrical distribution system.

A way to enhance your Data Center Results through Infrared Imaging

Many times, just having access to infrared imaging isn’t enough to really give you a better understanding of the health and efficiency of your data center systems. You also need to be able to understand what the infrared imaging means, and how your data center can best respond to it, in order to keep your data center up and running with maximal efficiency.

This is where the experienced team at MCIS can help. We’ll work with you to make sure that you have an accurate understanding of what your infrared imaging tests really mean; as a result, you can be sure that the images will provide better results.

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