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Method of Procedure (MOP) Development

Method of Procedure (MOP) Development

The documentation for your data center is a very important tool that you can use to help make sure you have a clear understanding of your data center information at all times. For many companies gaining visibility into the data center is challenging due to the lack of time available to complete documentation. In order for data center managers to understand their current operating capacity they must have this visibility to plan for current and future changes.

Existing documentation tools are a manual, labor intensive, error prone process. At the same time, new procedures and reports may continue to go undocumented, minimizing the ability to optimize the use of your data center. These tools cannot provide any intelligence on the load capacity, available space calculations or cost savings that an organization can use when evaluating your data center.

Working with a team of experienced professionals to manage your method of procedure development ensures your data center is documented using a modeling, monitoring, and management approach -minimizing the intense manual effort required saving on the ROI and preparing for the future.

Method of Procedure (MOP) Development from MCIS Documentation Benefits

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS), we’ve been helping data centers run effectively since the 1980s. Today, we’re continuing that tradition with method of procedure development services that prepare data centers with their vital procedure implementation documents, creating an environment where staff members are trained and aware of the procedure to work on sensitive data center equipment.

Method of Procedure Development Services from MCIS Business Benefits:

  • Keep your entire critical infrastructure up and running
  • An outside look at what really goes on in your data center
  • Standardized process for creating and updating methods of procedure over time

Keep your Entire Critical Infrastructure Up and Running

Methods of procedure are a vital part of running your data center, because they include step-by-step, task-oriented procedures which mitigate or eliminate risks for your staff while working on or around equipment that can impact the critical load of your data center.

Since the equipment that handles your critical load is so important to the ongoing operations of your data center, it’s vital that you have the best procedure in place to work on or around the equipment. Your staff can reference the planning and action steps outlined in your methods of procedure, eliminating the preventable downtime caused by human error incorporating the method of procedure put into practice for all scheduled maintenance operations, corrective maintenance, and installation activities.

An Outside Look at What Really Goes on in Your Data Center

Sometimes, to get the documentation your data center really needs, it helps to have a specifically trained experienced company involved in the process. When multiple groups have worked together developing and enhancing a data center over years, utilizing a team who specializes in mission critical process and procedures can assist with an unbiased assessment.

By working with MCIS to develop your methods of procedure, you can be sure that there is an experienced team there to help you comprise your documentation. As a result, your data center gets stronger methods of procedure, enhancing the performance and protecting your capital investment for years to come.

Standardized Process for Creating and Updating Methods of Procedure Over Time

A standardized plan for ensuring that the methods of procedure are documented and accurately monitored and updated is critical in creating a foundation for procedures for your data center. When documenting methods of procedure is not a regularly scheduled part of your data center’s operation, a critical environment disaster is eminent.

MCIS advocates a smarter approach to creating methods of procedure: our team will create a standardized process for developing methods of procedure in your data center and train your staff, making sure that process and tools continues to be a part of your everyday data center operations for many years to come. As a result, creating methods of procedure will become just another one of the commonplace acts involved with running your data center.

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