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Onsite Maintenance

Onsite Maintenance for Data Centers

With all of the different things that data center managers have to worry about over the course of a day, it is difficult to complete data center maintenance. At times, data center managers must focus their efforts on the day-to-day tasks of running the data center, only worrying about maintenance as issues arise, preventing effective operations.

However, not being able to consistently perform standard maintenance can cause damage to equipment or systems. If it is addressed in advance this can prevent significant amounts of data center downtime and outages, which obviously hinders an organization and effect business.

MCIS Onsite Maintenance Helps Data Centers Plan for the Worst

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS), we know that data center managers often have a multitude of business concerns including data center maintenance. Data center managers are always trying to work through never ending maintenance needs and schedules. That’s why we’ve been offering our customers onsite maintenance for data centers and other critical infrastructures since the 1980s. We believe that our experience and knowledge can help data centers get the level of preventative and reactive maintenance they need, minimizing the stress and concern that would typically be weight on the data center managers to provide.

MCIS Onsite Maintenance Services Offer Your Data Center Benefits:

  • Convenience of a maintenance service available when and where you need it
  • Flexibility for preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance services
  • Ability to get the help needed, without having to dedicate your staff, time, or resources

Convenience of Having Maintenance Available When Needed

After an incident has already occurred, is not the time for you to start thinking about where your data center’s next maintenance service will come from. With onsite maintenance services from MCIS, you can always feel confident that maintenance services will be available at your site whenever you need them.

Our experienced team of maintenance professionals is available to come to wherever your site is, whenever you need them. MCIS provides a safety net that can protect your data center from downtime: you can always feel confident that it will be there if you should ever need it, but it will stay out of your way if you don’t need it.

Flexibility for Preventative Maintenance and Reactive Maintenance Services

Like every other piece of technology, data centers don’t fail all at once. Over the years, wear and tear take their toll on individual parts, causing damage that’s difficult to notice at first, but builds up over time until it is finally unleashed in the form of a data center outage.

MCIS onsite data center services do not just focus on addressing issues after they occur. Instead, we favor a more proactive approach based on preventative maintenance. We come to your data center site at regular intervals, checking for signs of damage to batteries, UPS systems, power generators, HVAC systems, and all the other parts and systems that make up the working whole of your data center. Our services are strategically conformed to your organizational needs. From simple maintenance calls to customized maintenance schedules, a solution will be provided.

Using our decades of data center experience, we’ll help you identify the signs that could be warnings of future problems about to occur in the data center, and then help you take action to make sure those problems do not occur.

Ability to get the Help Needed without Having to Dedicate Your Staff, Time, or Resources

With a plethora of responsibilities you and your data center staff have to worry about, finding time to schedule data center maintenance is difficult. In addition, hiring someone specifically to perform data center maintenance is impractical, as there isn’t always maintenance to be done.

MCIS gives you the resources to complete the maintenance and the support during the times that you do need it, without overpaying for it during the times that you don’t. As a result, your data center staff is able to focus their efforts on handling their everyday workload, without putting the data center infrastructure at risk.

To learn more about MCIS Maintenance Solutions, contact us today.