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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Services

Many times, when you respond to an outage in your data center, the issue that caused the outage will have been ensuing for weeks. Once the incident finally erupts and causes damage to your data center, you’ll be left with an expensive and time-consuming problem to fix, as well as unplanned downtime that can cause lost business and reputation damage for your organization.

Asset management through predictive maintenance allows your organization to predict asset failure, avoid costly down time, and reduce maintenance costs. Driven by predictive analytics, even minor anomalies and failure patterns can be seen assisting in determining the assets operational process and where risks of failure exist. Early identification of potential concerns allows deployment of limited resources which is more cost effective, maximizes equipment uptime, and enhances the quality and supply chain processes, ultimately improving organizational performance.

Enhancing the Future of Your Data Center with MCIS Predictive Maintenance Solutions

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions, we understand being proactive by being able analyze your data center, rather than reacting to a situation, maximizes productivity and reliability for your organization. That’s why we offer our customers predictive maintenance services at regular intervals, helping them stay up to date with what’s going on, while also planning ahead for the future of their data center.

With predictive maintenance services from MCIS, your business can gain the following benefits:

  • Optimizing maintenance to reduce operating expense during down time
  • Regular reports that keep you informed about what’s going on in your data center
  • The ability to plan ahead and account for the future of your data center

Optimizing Maintenance to Reduce Operating Expenses During Down Time

As any data center manager could tell you, there is no such thing as good downtime. Anything that keeps the business from being able to access its critical data means that the data center is not serving its purpose, and is not facilitating the organization to obtain optimal business results.

However, this fact does not mean that all data center outages are created equally. Being able to plan an outage in advance is preferable,allowing you the opportunity to alert your organization of the outage, allowing the business to make other plans to access data during the scheduled period.

MCIS predictive maintenance provides you the ability to find problems and allows you to schedule maintenance when it’s most convenient to your company minimizing costly outages.

Regular Predictive Maintenance Reports that keep you Informed

While receiving information about the state of your data center is certainly helpful, being able to analyze and utilize this information to make predictions is vital to the up-keep of your data center.

Predictive maintenance services from MCIS continue after we perform the maintenance itself. We have the ability to provide you with regular reports that make it easy for you to see and process the findings of our work. For better understanding of asset performance and product quality, we include suggestions for utilizing our reports and construct action items. This minimizes product quality and reliability issues to better protect your data center, ensuring that you get the full benefit of our assistance.

Analytical Results Provide for the Future of your Data Center

As the name suggests, predictive maintenance is all about making predictions about what will happen in your data center in the future. Often times, this means finding out about an issue before it causes an outage. However, predictive maintenance is equally useful as a tool to plan the growth of your data center over time.

As the capacity needs of your organization change, your data center will need to make adjustments to keep up with those changes, adding new infrastructure investments and updating existing ones as needed. MCIS predictive maintenance analyzes the data of the current state of your data center to provide recommended actions, enabling informed decisions about the future. This determines when to retire existing assets, what new assets to add, and how those new assets can best fit into your future data center infrastructure.

MCIS experts also offer Turn Key Preventative Maintenance Solutions.