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Vendor Management

Vendor Management System

With the complexity involved in running a data center including managing staff, changes in organizational needs, as well as working with multiple vendors, maintaining warranties, new equipment and installs, getting the best results can be daunting. Your data center depends on multiple outside vendors, and getting the best results from each of those vendors is key to running your data center efficiently.

Engaging multiple vendors also introduces unnecessary risk unless a comprehensive vendor management process is engaged. Working with a team of experienced professionals to manage your vendor relationships,ensures that you hire the appropriate vendors for your specific needs, and enables you the time and ability to verify that they are fulfilling their obligations within your data center.

MCIS Vendor Management Takes the Complexity out of Vendor Relationships

Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) understands that a complex set of vendor relationships can prove costly and frustrating for data center managers. We will work with you developing optimal relationships with strategic partners insuring compliance of the methods of procedure maximizing performance of your data center.

MCIS has been providing services to the data center marketplace since the 1980s. Today, we are proud to continue that tradition by offering our customers vendor management services that ensure better results and less hassle.

Taking advantage of MCIS Vendor Management Services Can Offer Your Business the Ability to:

  • Establish strategic vendors relationships with qualified competitive companies
  • Ensure all vendors follow Methods of Procedure

Require Vendor Qualifications and Certifications Appropriate To the Agreement to Establish Strategic Vendor Relationships with Qualified Competitive Companies

With an excessive supply of vendors to choose from when you are trying to build and manage a data center, there are many concerns to evaluate: qualifications, certifications, manufacturer relationships and representation, cost, service level, manpower, and availability

Researching and qualifying vendors before selecting which to work with is a tedious and time consuming process for data center managers. Partnering with MCIS affords you more time and confidence in these decisions. We work with you evaluating the exact needs of your data center, research and interview the candidates to find a qualified vendor and negotiate price.

Ensure All Vendors Follow the Method of Procedure

Vendor selection is key for running a data center, but it’s certainly not enough on its own to ensure effective partnerships. MCIS understands this fact, so our vendor management services don’t stop at selecting vendors for you. We’ll also help you manage all of your various accounts, keeping an eye on all your individual vendors to make sure they are living up to the terms of their agreements following your data center methods of procedure .

Over time, vendor management services from MCIS will help you feel confident that your vendor partnerships are effectively driving better results in your data center improving your ROI. We can also revisit contracts as needed, to make sure that all your agreements stay up to date and are applicable to your current needs.

Require Vendor Qualifications and Certifications Appropriate to the Agreement

Each vendor must provide knowledgeable and properly trained employees. If not, they could end up hurting you greatly, causing confusion, delivery failure, and business disruption. Cutting down the amount of vendors you work with can help make the whole process easier to manage, while still making sure all of your data center needs are met.

MCIS can help clarify the vendor management process for you by making sure that you are working with the ideal amount of qualified vendorsóno more, no less. Then, we’ll keep up with the various responsibilities of all the vendors, giving you clear visibility into their responsibilities in your data center. With this knowledge, you’ll be better prepared to capitalize on your vendor relationships and use them to fuel success.

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