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Asset Tracking and Reporting

Automated Data Center Asset Tracking & Reporting Solutions for Data Centers

While many facilities managers tend to look at their data centers as one large functioning unit, the reality is that all data center infrastructures are in fact made up of numerous individual racks, cabinets, and servers. A facility manager must know what is going on with each of these small pieces that make up the whole of their infrastructure if they hope to achieve the best, most efficient data center operation possible.

With asset tracking and reporting solutions from Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions, your business can enjoy the following benefits:

Greater visibility into your data center
Simplified compliance
Optimized asset placement and efficiency

An Automated Approach to Asset Tracking Provides Effortless Visibility

The overwhelming volume of additions and deletions from a typical data center are difficult enough to keep track of, but compounding the problem is the reality that typical facility and IT managers have other more pressing needs to manage. Managers attempt to keep track of these assets with various manual data entry tools such as a simple database or spreadsheet and realistically have no hope of keeping up with the rapid changes of their business.

As a result, MCIS understands that automation is the key to driving effective asset tracking, and getting better visibility into what’s really going on in your data center. That’s why we build automated asset tracking into the entire data center infrastructure monitoring solutions that we provide.

With automation, each time a rack, server, or cabinet is installed or removed, you’ll be notified instantly and have the confidence to make changes to the rest of your infrastructure accordingly. It’s this high level of visibility and insight that makes asset monitoring such a vital part of running an efficient data center or facility.

Asset Tracking Helps Ensure and Demonstrate Compliance

If your data center is involved with handling sensitive data that may be subject to regulation, asset tracking can help you feel confident that your facility is taking the proper steps to protect its data. By showing you where the sensitive data is stored within your facility, and demonstrating the fact that those assets have only been acted on by the appropriate personnel, asset managing and reporting provides you with everything you need to be absolutely certain that nothing is occurring within your facility that could make your organization subject to hefty fines or reputation damage.

However, when it comes to compliance, ensuring compliance within your facility is only part of the equation. You also have to be able to demonstrate the steps you took in order to ensure compliance, in case your organization ever finds itself undergoing an audit. Because automated asset tracking means that you have a complete understanding of where your assets were and who was working on them at all times, you’ll instantly have everything you need to demonstrate compliance to any regulatory body.

Asset Tracking Creates Greater Placement Accuracy and Efficiency

A large part of any facility manager’s job is ensuring the greatest data center efficiency and results by creating an optimal arrangement of physical assets within the data center. An asset tracking solution can help you take the guesswork out of arranging your assets by showing you exactly what your current infrastructure looks like, and helping you identify the proper asset/power and asset/cooling configurations to help you increase efficiency and drive better results.

With asset tracking, you’ll never have to worry about moving assets around unnecessarily just to find the best possible configuration. You will be able to instantly identify the most efficient configuration for your data center.

Asset Tracking from a Partner You Can Trust

When you choose an asset tracking and reporting solution from MCIS, you get so much more than just a simple product. You get the benefits of our years of experience, put to work for you every day. In addition to the latest in monitoring technology, you’ll also get the full support of a trusted partner who will work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re getting the best results possible.

Our team of experts will provide you with 24/7 monitoring and rapid response when necessary, helping you feel confident that your critical infrastructure will be protected from any issues that might arise, and that it will continue operating efficiently for years to come.

MCIS experts also offer DCIM software solutions.