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Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Solutions

Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Solutions

For data center managers, overseeing constantly changing circumstances is essential to running a successful operation. However, manually tracking changes in the data center is time consuming and labor intensive, making it impractical. As a result, Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solutions are a data center managerís best hope to gain the monitoring ability that is needed.

What is AIM?

Automated infrastructure management refers to any system that helps monitor a data center or other similar facility, without the need for manual intervention. AIM solutions help track conditions within the facility in real time, allowing managers and other users to immediately know whenever a potentially harmful situation arises.

What are the Benefits of Implementing an AIM Solution?

Real-time monitoring to support uptime

Data centers are only effective when they are up and running and today’s businesses simply cannot afford to have data centers that are not online when needed. AIM helps address the need for data center uptime with automated real-time monitoring. This allows data center managers to take preemptive action whenever there is a possibility of unplanned downtime.

Documentation of Equipment by Location

An AIM solution allows significantly easier documentation of equipment location in the data center. This helps make repairs simpler and more efficient, and also allows data center managers to plan, move, add, and change processes strategically.

What to Expect from an AIM Solution, and how to Measure the Success of an Implementation

Why AIM Solutions are Essential for Data Center Facilities

AIM solutions help data center managers gain the visibility needed to ensure uptime and increase efficiency.

What to expect from an AIM implementation, and how to measure ROI

An AIM solution is a complex integration of different technologies, and as a result, the implementation process can be long and complex. It may be beneficial to take a phased approach to implementing your AIM solution. This will allow you to start gaining value quickly, minimizing a large capital investment all at once.

Return on investment for AIM solutions can be measured in terms of avoided costs, including the avoided costs of downtime, the avoided costs of long, drawn-out repairs, and the avoided costs of manual monitoring.

How MCIS can Help Implement AIM Solutions Successfully

MCIS can serve as your AIM partner, helping to oversee a smooth implementation process. We will work with your team to make sure everyone is able to gain the most benefit from the AIM solution. Contact us today to learn more about various data center monitoring solutions like DCIM software, Dynamic PUE and DCiE Monitoring, Branch Circuit Monitoring etc.