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Branch Circuit Monitoring

Branch Circuit Monitoring for Data Centers

For today’s data center managers, creating a more efficient infrastructure has become an important organizational goal, and with good reason: power costs are one of the greatest preventable costs facing the data center. However, in order to do something about these high costs, data center managers need access to highly granular energy usage data. While most modern data center equipment comes equipped with standard energy usage monitoring, this level of power usage monitoring is not nearly detailed enough to give managers actionable insights needed to actually drive costs down.

Branch Circuit Monitoring Encourages Greater Power Efficiency and Fewer Outages

Where standard power monitoring fails, branch circuit monitoring succeeds. By giving data center managers a look into the amperage, voltage, power factor, apparent power, real power, and energy usage of individual circuits. Branch circuit monitoring allows data center administrators to know exactly how much power is being used in different parts of the data center infrastructure. This knowledge changes the game for data center managers allowing them to:

  • Identify potential points of energy waste
  • Conduct better cost allocation and capacity planning
  • Avoid outages due to unbalanced loads or tripped circuits

Identify Potential Points of Energy Waste

Just knowing that your data center energy usage is not enough. What you really need to know is how much data is being used by various pieces of equipment within your infrastructure. With branch circuit monitoring, you get detailed real-time statistics and analysis about where the power usage is, allowing you to identify inefficiencies and address them quickly, driving cost down, before they start to eat away at your bottom line.

Conduct Better Cost Allocation and Capacity Planning

In order to know how much your data center infrastructure should budget for power costs, you must know how much you’ve spent on power in the past. Branch circuit monitoring can help give you a more detailed look at where your power costs are dedicated, and how they change over the course of days, weeks, months, and years. This long-term, ongoing approach helps you determine the difference between what is a true factor in changing energy costs and what is just the result of random circumstances. As a result, you can take the guess work out of planning for data center costs, and take a more informed approach to budgeting.

In addition, branch circuit monitoring can also help with capacity planning. This data will show exactly where circuits are being stretched beyond their potential. Branch circuit monitoring can help you easily identify where your next round of infrastructure investments should be dedicated. As a result, you can conduct “just-in-time” improvements, ensuring that you will always have the capacity you need, right when you need, without excessive cost for capacity that is not needed.

Avoid Outages due to Unbalanced Loads or Tripped Circuits

While efficiency is a worthwhile goal for all data center managers, having an efficient data center is worthless if your data center isn’t up and running. This means that ensuring infrastructure uptime may be just as important of a goal as ensuring efficiency. Fortunately, branch circuit monitoring can help you with both of these key goals.

Data center outages occur when power distribution is directed to circuits that cannot handle any more power. It is no exaggeration to say that an outage might be brewing in your data center as you read this; unless you have branch circuit monitoring to identify the problem and notify your staff about it, you might not find out about the issue until it is too late to do anything about it.

Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions: The Branch Circuit Monitoring Partner you can Trust

Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can provide you with the equipment and assistance you need to make branch circuit monitoring an everyday part of your data center infrastructure, allowing you to unlock access to the benefits of greater efficiency, better long-term cost allocation and planning, minimizing center outages.

Our monitoring equipment is simple to install and implement, making it quick and easy for you to start enjoying the benefits of branch circuit monitoring, with little or no impact on your existing workloads. In addition, our team of experienced, dedicated technicians will be there with you every step of the way, helping you to analyze the results of your branch circuit monitoring. With our help, you will be able to turn your numbers into real insights.

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