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Capacity Management

Data Center Capacity Planning & Management

Capacity is at the Core of Data Center Efficiency

Having the right amount of capacity ensures that you are able to meet the needs of your organization, while utilizing corporate assets efficiently. Maintaining this balance is a real challenge for many organizations, particularly when they lack insight into the current capacity situation in their data center.

Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions offers capacity management capabilities that provide the following benefits for your business:

  • Data center resources optimization
  • Better coordination between IT, Facilities management, and the line of business
  • Greater uptime and efficiency

Capacity Insights to Drive Data Center Optimization

A capacity management solution from MCIS will help organizations hit the balance between business needs and efficiency by providing the capacity insights that these organizations currently lack. MCIS can build a solution that monitors the current capacity usage within your organization, helping you understand where inefficiencies exist.

Our experts will make recommendations for changes for data center to promote more effective use of the capacity you have. Finally, it can help you make informed decisions about when to add more capacity, and how much new capacity you need to add.

Over time, as the business needs of your organization change, capacity management solutions from MCIS can help you better understand the impact of those changes, predict how those changes will affect your data center capacity needs, and help you plan accordingly.

Connecting IT and Facility Management

Far too many data centers and businesses experience a disconnect between the IT and facilities staff, which causes a loss in operational efficiencies, time, and money. Since the two groups aren’t able to understand each other using common terms, they aren’t able to work together from a common ground to meet the overall goals of the organization.

A capacity management solution from MCIS will help solve that problem by framing data center insights in business terms, allowing data center facility managers to accurately understand how their actions affect the overall profitability of the business, while also allowing business leaders to see how the resources they dedicate to IT help support better business results. As a result, both groups will be able to communicate based on a common understanding, allowing the organization to get more done.

Greater Efficiency and Uptime

By driving a better understanding of your current capacity needs, a capacity management solution from Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions will also help you dramatically improve efficiency and system uptime. By analyzing the power and cooling needs of various different configurations, capacity management will help you design and implement solutions that will give your data center the best possible results with the most efficient use of resources.

Capacity management will provide seamless monitoring solutions offered by MCIS to provide you with the most complete view of your data center infrastructure, helping you identify potential issues and resolve them quickly.

Put MCIS to Work for You to Solve Your Capacity Management Issues

At MCIS, we offer our customers much more than a simple capacity management solution. We provide a trusted partner to help our customers get the best possible performance and efficiency from their critical infrastructures. In order to achieve that, we offer a whole suite of data center monitoring solutions, as well as an experienced team of technicians who provide 24/7 monitoring services and rapid response times when issues are identified.

We also strive to help our customers get the most out of these solutions by working with them throughout the entire implementation process, from the first deployment, to making sure that all employees are trained on how to use the new solution, to making sure that your data center infrastructure is equipped to operate successfully and efficiently over the long-term.

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