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What is DCIM?

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)


What is DCIM?

A Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution is essentially a software platform that provides data center managers with greater visibility and tracking system operations inside their data center. With the information DCIM provides, data center managers can make confident informed decisions.

Benefits of Implementing DCIM Solutions

Tracking and Managing Data Center Capacity

As your organization grows, you need to have capacity to keep up with that growth. However, paying for capacity you donít need yet can be a drain on your budget. DCIMís capacity tracking helps you make sure you have a long-term capacity strategy in place that accounts for predicted growth while maintaining budgets.

Tracking Data Center Assets

When your physical assets are not accounted for and functioning properly, your data center cannot function effectively. DCIM helps you keep track of all your different assets in one easy-to-manage platform.

Monitoring Energy Efficiency in your Data Center

Wasted energy is avoided when using DCIM, which maximizes budgets. Utilize DCIM to find out when there is a problem with the energy usage in your facility, locate the source, and address the issue.

Reducing Data Center Downtime

DCIM can help you identify and address potential issues before they result in unplanned downtime for the data center.

What to Expect From Your DCIM Solution

Why DCIM Solutions Are Essential For Data Center Facilities

Without proper knowledge and visibility, data center manager cannot ensure that their data center is running at maximum effectiveness to support the needs of the business. DCIM helps provide that knowledge and visibility.

How to Measure the ROI of Your DCIM Solution

Your DCIM solution will provide you with a number of different benefits you should take into consideration when calculating ROI, including the increased energy savings and the manual hours youíll save by implementing automated tracking. Also, make sure to include more abstract benefits, such as avoiding downtime.

Things to Consider When Implementing DCIM Solutions

Implementing DCIM properly minimizes expense and disruption. Consider working with an experienced DCIM vendor. They will utilize a strategy to help you ease into the implementation process with a phased approach with future investment being funded by the savings achieved from the initial stages.

How MCIS Can Help You Implement A DCIM Solution Successfully

MCIS will work with your organization every step of the way to ensure that your DCIM software is deployed correctly, and that all of your team members are able to use it effectively. Contact us today to learn more about DCIM solutions.