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DCIM Expectations and ROI

Data Center Infrastructure Management Expectations and ROI

While data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions have been a part of the data center industry for several years, not all data center managers know what to expect from their DCIM implementation. In addition, many of them have trouble quantifying the return on investment for their DCIM implementation in a way that business leaders can understand. It’s important that these managers gain a greater understanding of these points before considering DCIM.

What to Expect From Your DCIM Implementation

It’s important that you realize that DCIM is a solution that’s intended to drive better business outcomes. Determine what kind of long-term goals and strategies you intend for your DCIM solution facilitate, and then take a systematic approach to implementation. This ensures you meet your business goals and minimizing the initial capital investment.

Benefits of DCIM Solutions

Consider how each of these could support your business goals before you begin your implementation:

  • System availability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Remote data center access
  • Asset tracking

Measuring ROI

For DCIM implementation, you will need to gather information to create an ROI estimate. Utilizing the DCIM benefits outlined above and considering the questions below will help you make this estimate:

  • System availability:

    How many hours of data center availability could you add by gaining the visibility to address potential problems preemptively?

  • Energy efficiency:

    With added visibility into power usage, how much could your data center reduce its energy consumption?

  • Capacity planning and management:

    With better capacity planning, how much could you save by delaying capacity purchases that your data center doesn’t need yet?

  • Remote data center access:

    How many staff hours could you avoid by using remote data center access instead of manual monitoring? How could those hours be redirected into more high-value activities?

  • Asset tracking:

    With asset tracking, how much could you save by streamlining asset moves, additions or reconfigurations?

With these estimates in mind, you should be able to gain a real sense of how your data center can benefit from implementing a DCIM Solution. To learn more about what you can expect from DCIM,and how much you can expect to see in return on your investment, contact MCIS today.