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DCIM Software

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions, we know that the backbone of any good infrastructure monitoring solution is quality data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software. That’s why we only provide our customers with the latest in DCIM solutions as part of every monitoring project we implement. This helps our customers reach their goal of ensuring optimal data center performance and preventing infrastructure issues that might result in inefficiency or downtime.

  • Monitor Efficiency
  • Stay Informed on Capacity Levels
  • Automate Asset Tracking

DCIM Helps Make Capacity Management Easier

Keeping up with data center capacity management can often seem impossible for data center managers because of frequent changes that occur in data centers and the countless factors to consider. DCIM software can help take the guesswork out of the equation by keeping you consistently informed about what’s going on with the capacity levels of your infrastructure and systems.

Because you’ll be able to easily analyze your data center infrastructure capacity, MCIS will work with you to predict future capacity needs and plan accordingly. You will feel confident that your data center will always have the level of capacity it needs to support the business goals of your organization, without paying extra for capacity that is not required yet.

DCIM software also allows you to make intelligent plans for the proper placement of servers and other physical assets within your data center. By getting a better idea of what should go where within your facility, you’ll be able to optimize the use of power and cooling, which will in turn allow you to operate more efficiently.

Keep Better Track of Physical Assets

Your data center’s physical assets need to be up and running at optimum levels in order for your data center infrastructure to operate at peak levels. However, with so many different components making up the whole of a data center, it can be nearly impossible for a facility manager to keep track of everything. Old-fashioned tracking applications that are based on spreadsheets provide very little help in this regard as they require facilities personnel to make manual updates over time.

DCIM software from MCIS helps automate the asset tracking process, contributing to greater ease of use and improved results. By simply scanning an asset into the DCIM tracking system, you will be able to keep tabs on that asset at all times, always knowing where the asset is, and whether or not it is operating at peak efficiency. When you understand what’s going on with the individual building blocks that make up your data centerís infrastructure, running your infrastructure as a whole gets much easier.

Keep Your Infrastructure Running at Peak Performance

The end goal of any infrastructure management solution should be to keep the data center running at maximum efficiency and to avoid downtime at all costs. By helping you identify the best possible way to configure your data center assets, DCIM software from MCIS will ensure that you are making the most of the valuable resources your organization puts into its data center. For instance, temperature monitoring will help you ensure that your HVAC system is being utilized efficiently.

In addition, when you work with MCIS, you won’t just be purchasing a DCIM software solution that leaves you to acquire and analyze data. We deploy DCIM software as partnership with a monitoring solution that is based on 24/7 monitoring and rapid response times from our team of experts.

While other software vendors may expect you to figure out your DCIM software solution for yourself, our team will be there with you every step of the way to make sure that the software gets deployed correctly, that your staff knows how to use it effectively, and that you actually have the level of monitoring and analysis needed to drive business results from your solution.

Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions offers various Data center Infrastructure Management Solutions to help data center operators monitor efficiency, capacity & reduce downtime. Contact us today to learn more.