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Facility Load Monitoring

Data Center Load Monitoring Services & Solutions

As a data center manager, it is important to keep power costs down. No matter what type of business or organization your data center supports, chances are there is limited amount of money dedicated to running data center infrastructure. As a result, it’s your responsibility to operate the data center maximizing efficiency and predictability, enabling the organization to understand and plan for the monthly costs of powering the facility.

Increased Efficiency Requires Proficient Facilities Monitoring

However, just the desire to make a data center more efficient isn’t enough to make a difference by itself. Facility managers need accurate real-time data about facility power usage, gathered regularly over an extended period of time, to truly understand the power usage patterns of their organization. Most modern data center equipment comes standard with the ability to measure power usage and peak demand over a particular period of time, but this information by itself is too simplistic to really give you actionable insights that can drive better power usage result for your data center.

Simply put, if one piece of equipment in your data center is costing you more than it should, you would want to know about it instantly, to take action to address the issue immediately, driving low power costs. Simple power usage statistics can provide the level of detail needed in order to discover issues, since they do not differentiate between how power is being used or the power fluctuation and demands of the facilities equipment.

Facility load monitoring assists in understanding the power usage statistics of your facility. Facility load monitoring can demonstrate how your power is being used, and when your power demand is at its peak. For instance, if your florescent lighting costs escalate in the evenings, facility load monitoring can help you find that out. If you’re experiencing excessive air chiller activity during hot days, facility load monitoring shows exactly when that occurs to facilitate changes. These two examples are the types of detailed information that is required to create an efficient data center, provided through facility load monitoring information.

Facility load monitoring can provide the following benefits for your data center:

  • Better understanding of current utilization of power, calculated at short intervals over time
  • Suggestions for “quick fixes” that require little up-front costs, resulting in immediate power savings
  • Ideas for long-term infrastructure improvements that provide a significant return on investment

MCIS Makes Facility Load Monitoring Easy

If you need to gain a better understanding of how your data center infrastructure utilizes power, Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions can help. Our team of dedicated, experienced data center professionals can provide you with the 24/7 facility load monitoring you need to really gain an intimate understanding of how the power costs your data center experiences every month evolve and initiate a plan to start minimizing costs, while maximizing production.

MCIS helps take the guess work out of facility load monitoring. Welcome to your site, install the monitoring equipment needed to get an accurate reading of usage statistics, conduct power usage readings at short intervals, and store that data on a safe, dedicated server. As the informative large data set is accumulated for your facility, providing insight on how your power costs change over time, over the course of a single day, from different days of the week, to different months of the year. It’s this type of detailed information that is needed to drive real cost savings when it comes to facility power, and MCIS can help make it happen for you.

However, our services don’t stop when it comes to compiling data. We’ll also break down the numbers for you, in order to help you understand what the data really means. This allows you to turn those insights into action.

To learn more about MCIS Monitoring Solutions, contact us today.