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Data Center Downtime

Reduction in Data Center Downtime

As computing demands and complexity in data centers continue to rise, it is imperative that threats to organizations in terms of business disruptions, lost revenue, and damaged reputation are minimized. Unplanned data center outages are a significant factor to these threats. With your companies increased reliance on the data center to produce prompt and precise vital company data, a single downtime event has the potential to significantly impact the profitability of the enterprise. Avoiding unplanned downtime is one of your most important priorities as a data center manager.

Utilizing a Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution Efficiently to Reduce Downtime

The ability to minimize and prevent unplanned downtime is dependent on information that ensures you effective management within the data center. This information can be found in the form of an effective management platform of the facility and centralized monitoring of the infrastructure systems. A problem within your data center infrastructure could potentially lead to unplanned downtime, loss in revenue profitability or function of your enterprise.

Utilization and implementation of a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution provides you with the holistic view of the data center operations based on real-time data. DCIM yields the knowledge and visibility needed to manage your data center with efficiently while eliminating labor burdened manual operations.

Examples of A DCIM Solution Reduction in Data Center Downtime:

  • Asset Tracking:

    Now more than ever, organizations need to increase efficiency of IT inventory and asset management processes within their facilities. A DCIM solution will provide physical asset tracking capabilities assuring systems are appropriately placed and functioning properly. When an asset tracking system is established risks are minimized and productivity is increased.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring:

    In addition, your data center depends on systems such as HVAC and electrical systems. When one of these systems fails, it can start a chain reaction that takes the entire data center down with it. DCIM delivers operational analytics across your entire infrastructure, producing insights into these systems.

How MCIS Helps To Reduce Downtime with Its DCIM Solution

You have a variety of DCIM solutions available to you as you look for ways to avoid downtime, but not all of them are created equally. Many DCIM solutions require you to complete the initial implementation yourself—including overseeing the implementation process and analyzing data—MCIS removes this burden from your company. Instead, we partner with you helping implement the DCIM solution to start driving better results. This means that our solution provides everything you need to quickly and cost-effectively reduce data center downtime. Contact us today to learn more about our DCIM solutions.