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Security, Access Control, and Surveillance Monitoring

Data Center Security, Access Control & Surveillance Monitoring

Can you feel confident that your critical infrastructure is completely protected from hackers and other malicious parties, both from outside your organization and from within?

In regards to your vital database, this is one question you do not want to ponder. To put it quite simply, your data center is either vulnerable to threats, or NOT. What determines your level of vulnerability is whether or not you’ve taken action to protect your data center from the threats that it faces every day.

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Security, Access Control, and Surveillance Monitoring for a Safer Data Center

Your data center is home to one of the most valuable assets your company has: its critical data. This data could include sensitive customer information or vital company projections or plans. Either way, it goes without saying that there are people out there who could profit through gaining access to this sensitive data. The consequences of failing to keep data safe from malicious intruders could be dire; it’s your responsibility to make sure that your organization never has to worry about malicious threats.

Keeping your data center completely safe requires a three-pronged approach:

  • Access control technology, which forms a physical barrier around your data center protecting it from threats
  • Surveillance monitoring to keep track of what’s happening at the data center in real time
  • Security alarms and notifications, so you can respond to situations as a threat occurs

Access Control Technology

An effective access control strategy is the first step toward ensuring a secure data center. While there are other elements that make up a complete security strategy, access control, if done correctly, should allow you to ward off the majority of the threats facing your data center.

Access control is about more than just locking the doors to your data center at night. In order to really get the best results from access control technology, you’ll need to institute a 24/7 locking perimeter that requires photo ID to access. This way, you’ll be able to know exactly who is entering into your data center, and exactly when they’re coming through the door.

The use of photo ID cards as part of your access control strategy also allows you to restrict access to certain areas based on identity or job role. In addition, ID card access control provides the added benefit of making sure that legitimate employees who have a valid business reason to be in your data center are able to come and go as they please, with as little hassle as possible.

Surveillance Monitoring

While access control can help you keep the majority of malicious intruders out of your data center, it’s still important to have surveillance monitoring to make sure you can account for what occurs if there is ever a breach of your perimeter.

Today’s surveillance systems provide tremendous flexibility, allowing you to monitor live events as they happen and also record them to view again later. Video clips can also be linked to access events, allowing you to provide evidence and physical identification that can help you prosecute if a malicious attack occurs.

Security Alarms and Notifications

Of course, surveillance monitoring isn’t just useful as a tool to let you know what’s already gone wrong in your data center. Ideally, your security infrastructure would alarm your staff about breaches and intrusions as they happen, giving you the opportunity to respond immediately and stop the event from causing damage.

You can also configure your security notifications to conduct lock-downs in the event of a possible security risk. Your lock-downs can be customized to include certain vulnerable parts of your infrastructure, or your entire site. Either way, the use of access controls can help ensure that your authorized emergency response personnel are still able to access the lock-down zone, so that they are able to perform their responsibilities with no interruptions.

MCIS Security Monitoring Helps Keep your Data Center Safe

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions, we know that a secure data center doesn’t happen by chance. That’s why we give our customers the equipment, strategy and monitoring they need to build a secure perimeter, conduct ongoing surveillance, and find out about security breaches the moment they transpire.

Miller Electric Company has always been proactive in pursuing creative and efficient ways to serve our customers better. With the acquisition of SiteSecure, a leading provider of IP-based security systems for enterprises Miller continues to expand our service offerings.

The integration of the SiteSecure team into our company maximizes our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the industry. SiteSecure has years of experience providing design-build security services for organizations in a variety of different industries, including airports, higher education, government, corrections, and more. Their team can provide everything you might need to implement a great security solution for your organization.

Their unique approach to meeting your security needs includes all of the following processes:

Taking the time to understand your exact business needs
Designing a security solution that can best meet those needs
Initiating an implementation process that is as efficient and painless as possible
Providing ongoing proactive support to help you identify and address issues that may interfere with your ongoing business processes

In short, the addition of the SiteSecure team allows us to offer our customers a great security solution that can ensure ongoing facility uptime, protect against malicious attackers, and help our customers feel confident about their facilities.