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Implementing DCIM Solutions

Things to consider while implementing DCIM solutions

Making the decision to implement a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution can allow you to gain greater visibility into your data infrastructure. As a result, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions that will allow you to cut down on unnecessary costs, avoid unscheduled downtime, and ensure the most efficient operation of your data center.

While the benefits of implementing a DCIM solution are clear, it’s very important that you understand certain things before you begin your implementation. Below are things you should consider in order to generate the best results possible from your DCIM solution.

  1. Priorities

    It’s important that you keep in mind that your DCIM solution is a business tool. It’s not a single monolithic technology with a predetermined set of benefits. If you plan to use your DCIM solution to achieve certain business priorities, make sure that you keep those things in mind during the implementation process. Making sure that your DCIM vendor has a clear and accurate understanding of your priorities is the best way to make sure those priorities are met.

  2. Long-term plan

    Many organizations choose an ongoing, interactive approach to implementing DCIM. This approach often drives value, in that it allows an organization to start seeing return on investment quickly and avoid very large capital expenses that fall all at once. At the same time, this type of step-by-step approach requires long-term planning in order to be successful. Make sure that your DCIM vendor will be there to help you every step of the way, and make sure that a schedule is in place for when the different steps of the project will be completed.

  3. Responsibilities

    Your DCIM vendor should serve as an enabler for your implementation project, providing both technical experts and project leaders. At the same time, the DCIM vendor can’t do everything single-handedly. Make sure that you have an internal team in place to support the implementation process, and make sure there is clear understanding and communication between the internal team and the team from the DCIM vendor.

  4. Training

    Will your DCIM vendor be there to make sure your team is up and running on the new solution, or will they simply perform the implementation and then leave you to your own devices? It’s always a good idea for users from your team to participate in a training session, no matter how easy the vendor claims their solution is.

To learn more about these points and others you should consider during your DCIM implementation, contact MCIS today.