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Air Flow Studies

MCIS: Air Flow Studies

Air is one of the most important concepts for you to think about as a data center or critical power facility admin. Proper air flow is required to keep your equipment cooled to the right temperatures, while pressurization and particle levels are also important factors in ensuring that your equipment and personnel continue to operate at the highest level possible.

Like so many other things in your facility, proper air flow doesn’t happen by accident. It requires you to be aware of the current state of the air flow in your facility so that you can know where you are coming up short, and what you can do to address the situation. You can only gain that kind of knowledge with thorough air flow studies from a trusted partner that specializes in critical infrastructures.

MCIS air flow studies help you keep your facility running at optimum levels

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS), we can design the air flow study program you need to keep energy costs down, ensure the ideal environment for equipment and personnel, and meet or exceed all applicable government or industry regulations covering air quality in critical infrastructure.

MCIS is uniquely qualified to help critical infrastructures get the best air flow results possible: data centers and critical power are our specialties, and we’ve been working to help our customers get better results in their facilities since the 1980s. Today, we are proud to continue that tradition with high-quality air flow studies that offer our customers the full range of our team’s knowledge, skill and experience.

Conducting air flow studies with MCIS can offer your facility the ability to:

  • Find out where the hot spots and the cold spots are in your facility
  • Comply with regulations, but also go beyond them when necessary
  • Keep equipment and personnel operating at top levels

Find out where the hot spots and the cold spots are in your facility

One of the most practical applications of air flow studies is their ability to support 3D thermal mapping technology. This technology is vital to understanding how cold air moves throughout your facility, from the HVAC units to the equipment that needs to be cooled in order to continue operating effectively.

In addition, thermal modeling allows you to see where the “hot spots” and “cold spots” are in your facility. Hot spots occur when your equipment is not receiving enough airflow. They are dangerous because they could lead the equipment to overheat and malfunction, which could in turn lead to unplanned downtime for your facility.

On the other hand, cold spots are an indication that a particular area of your facility is receiving too much cold air flow. Cooling your facility costs you money, and keeping a certain area colder than necessary is an source of avoidable waste. MCIS air flow studies can help you identify both hot spots and cold spots, and take steps to address them.

Comply with regulations, but also go beyond them when necessary

The air quality of your facility is subject to a wide variety of different regulations, including both government regulations and industry standards. MCIS air flow studies can help you understand how these different regulations apply to you, how your facility is currently performing in terms of those regulations, and what you need to do to perform better. Then, we’ll help you create documentation that you can use to demonstrate your compliance in audit situations.

However, while we at MCIS understand that regulations exist for good reason, we also know that sometimes just complying with the letter of the law isn’t good enough for your facility. In cases like these, we will help you understand when it is in your best interest to go above and beyond what is required of you according to regulations.

Keep Equipment and Personnel Operating At Top Levels

Air flow studies from MCIS can also help you understand the current state of pressurization within your facility, as well as the amount of particles in the air. Both of these concepts are an important part of ensuring the optimal environment for both your equipment and your employees, so you ignore them at your own risk.

In addition to helping you figure out what is going on with the air quality of your facility, MCIS can also help you interpret the results of your studies, and help you understand what you need to do to drive better results in the future.

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