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Alternate Fuel Services

MCIS: Alternate Fuel Services

As the nation’s electric grid continues to age and grow less reliable, data center and critical power facility managers are left searching for new, cost effective, and reliable ways of powering their facilities. It’s no surprise that many of them have started to consider alternative fuels as the solution to their problem, as these alternative fuels offer facility managers the ability to produce power onsite and more efficiently than they could acquire power using the traditional power grid. As a result, alternative fuels can help create a highly efficient, reliable uninterruptable, cleaner and more affordable power system rather than relying on traditional power sources.

At the same time, alternative fuel sources are a new technology, and many facility managers are still unsure about how to get the best results possible from that technology. If you are one of those facility managers that are excited about the possibilities offered by alternative fuel sources, but unsure about the best ways to pursue those benefits, you need a partner that you can trust to assist you in design, implementation, and training throughout the process. Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) can serve as that partner. We provide fuel services for data centers and critical infrastructure that help take the guesswork out of moving your facility to alternative fuels.

MCIS Alternative Fuel Services Simplify Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

At MCIS, we’ve been helping our customers run safer, cleaner, more efficient facilities ever since the 1980s. Now, we are using all the knowledge, skills, and experience we’ve gained over the years to put our customers at the forefront of the alternative fuels movement.

Alternative Fuel Services from MCIS can Offer Your Facility:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Reliable results
  • Cleaner onsite energy eliminating waste

Improve Facility Efficiency

While alternative fuels add reliability, simplicity, and efficiency to your facility, one of their greatest benefits is that they can take something away from your facility: your expensive, inefficient, space-consuming power backup systems. Because alternative fuels are far more reliable than the traditional electrical grid, eliminating the need for the electrical grid in favor of alternative fuels allows you to eliminate the need for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), batteries or diesel generator.

MCIS can assist you with eliminating power systems, freeing up space and minimizing cost in your facility, benefiting your organization by maintaining the highest service level performance available.

A Partner Offering you Reliable Results

As a data center or critical power manager, when you are trying out a new technology for the first time, the last thing you want to run into is unexpected surprises. That is why you don’t want to approach the new and different technology of alternative fuels without an experienced and knowledgeable partner who can assist in obtaining the best results possible.

MCIS can serve as that trusted partner for your facility. Our fuel services team will be there to work with you every step of the way, helping you design, implement and maintain the fuel power system that provides the best results for you. Our team will provide the support you need to make sure that your fuel system continues to deliver dependable uninterruptable power for your business.

Provide Cleaner Onsite Energy eliminating Waste

One of the other drawbacks of the traditional power grid is that it requires power to be generated to your site from across distance. As your power is transmitted across the grid, a significant percentage of it is lost during the transmission process, meaning that you end up paying the high cost of power for energy that you are not even able to use at your facility.

Alternative fuel cells from MCIS allow you to bypass this costly scenario by keeping the entire power generation process within the boundaries of your facility. When your energy doesn’t have to be transmitted in order to power your infrastructure and equipment, a higher percentage of the costs you pay actually go toward powering your facility.

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