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Circuit Loading Study

MCIS: Circuit Loading Study

As a data center or critical power facility admin, the more knowledge you have about the current state of your facility, the better suited you are to make good decisions about the best way to run it, now and into the future. With the level of testing and analysis services that’s currently available in the electrical engineering world, there’s simply no excuse for not taking action to get more information about what’s going on inside your infrastructure.

A circuit loading study is one of those key power analysis tests that can help give you a better picture of the electrical state of your infrastructure. By determining the current levels of actual electrical usage and unused capacity in reserve, a circuit loading study can give you all of the knowledge you need to protect your system from overload now, and prepare for smarter growth that makes the best use of available resources in the future.

In spite of the clear benefits that a circuit loading study can offer, many facility admins fail to take advantage of them for one reason or another. For many admins, additional studies equate to extra work that gets in the way of performing core day-to-day tasks, which is a valid concern, considering the level of work involved with running a data center or critical power facility. Others would like to start taking advantage of circuit loading studies, but are unsure about how to best get started.

MCIS Circuit Loading Studies Help Drive Useful Insights

No matter what your reasoning is for not taking advantage of circuit loading studies before now, Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) is here to help you overcome them by helping you design, implement and maintain a circuit loading study program that meets the need of your facility.

MCIS came about as an offshoot of Miller Electric Company, one of the largest electric contracting firms in the United States, and we are dedicated to offering our customers quality electrical testing services that drive better results.

Working with MCIS to design and implement your circuit loading study can offer you the following benefits:

  • Greater knowledge about loading concerns
  • The ability to grow smarter by determining available load capacity
  • A trusted partner to help you interpret the results of your study

Greater Knowledge about Loading Concerns

It’s no secret that overloading circuits is bad for your infrastructure, and interferes with your ability to ensure near-constant uptime. However, in order to identify just how overloaded your circuits are, and just what level of damage that overloading is causing to your infrastructure, you need a thorough circuit loading study to shine light on the matter.

At MCIS, we can help you design the circuit loading study you need to stay informed about what’s going on within your infrastructure. Over time, you’ll be able to address the problems that you do identify, while getting a feeling of peace of mind from knowing that you are doing everything you can to keep your infrastructure protected and ensure uptime.

The ability to grow smarter by determining available load capacity

A circuit loading study can also help you determine what level of additional load capacity currently exists, which is vital to making sure that you are able to meet your infrastructure’s capacity needs going into the future.

As your capacity needs increase, having an accurate handle on how much capacity is currently available in your infrastructure will help you determine how much new capacity you need to implement. MCIS can help you build an ongoing circuit loading study program to make sure that you facility always has the level of capacity it needs, without paying too much to add additional capacity that it does not need.

A trusted partner to help you interpret the results of your study

The results of a circuit loading study are only one part of the equation. Once you get those results, it’s imperative that you are able to interpret them and use them to drive better outcomes within your infrastructure.

At MCIS, we don’t simply provide you with the results of your circuit loading study and then leave you to your own devices. Our team of experienced electrical engineers will help you interpret the results, and use that understanding to make changes that will drive long-term benefits for your facility, helping you keep equipment safe, avoid downtime, and meet future load capacity needs.

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