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Power Quality Analysis

MCIS: Power Quality Analysis & Monitoring Solutions

Every year, energy waste costs data centers and critical power facilities across the country many thousands of dollars in avoidable expenses. The only way to know exactly how much energy waste is costing your facility, is to identify the source of that waste. We will provide the tool to conduct a thorough and ongoing power quality analysis.

Power quality analysis is often one of those things that facility admins know they should be doing, but seem to never get around to. After all, with the day-to-day responsibilities these admins have to worry about, taking on an extra task like power quality analysis tends to seem like creating extra work that only gets in the way of core tasks.

However, with the assistance of an experienced partner to help you design, implement and keep up with your power quality analysis system, you can overcome the time constraints that face you as a facility admin, and start seeing that the true benefits power quality analysis can offer make it a valuable part of any critical infrastructure set up.

MCIS Power Quality Analysis Helps You Get Better Energy Efficiency Results

At Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS), we are dedicated to helping our customers become more energy efficient, and we have been Since the 1980s. Today, we bring our experience and dedication to every power quality analysis we perform for our customers, helping them get the exact level of knowledge and insight they need to improve results, without causing too much hassle or interference with their ongoing processes.

Working with MCIS to design and implement your power quality analysis program can help your facility:

  • Get the lowest level of energy waste possible
  • Keep equipment safe from damage and prevent downtime
  • Get all the monitoring equipment and service you need in one package

Get the Lowest Level of Energy Waste Possible

For data centers and critical power facilities, the need to drive more efficient power usage is clear: energy waste is one of the largest sources of preventable costs in most facilities’ budgets, meaning that any step you can take to drive down the amount of energy you waste will in turn result in a better bottom line for your facility.

However, wanting to increase energy efficiency and actually doing it are two different concepts entirely. With power quality analysis from MCIS, you can actually get the visibility to see exactly where the waste in your facility is coming from. With this knowledge, you will be prepared to take action to drive down the amount of energy your facility uses as low as possible.

Keep Equipment Safe from Damage and Prevent Downtime

In addition to wasting money for your facility, poor quality power has the added drawback of causing damage to the equipment in your infrastructure. Over time, poor quality power that is left unanalyzed, and is therefore never addressed, can wear away at equipment, leading to unseen damage that finally erupts in the form of unplanned downtime. Since one of your key roles as a facility administrator is to prevent unplanned downtime, you simply can’t afford not to conduct a power quality analysis.

MCIS can help you see exactly where the poor quality in your infrastructure is, and help you understand how this poor quality power can damage your equipment. As a result, you can take the steps needed to protect your infrastructure from future damage.

Get all the monitoring equipment and service you need in one package

While power quality analysis is always a good idea, not all power quality analysis services are created equal. Some power quality analysis providers only give you some of the equipment and services you need to turn your power quality analysis into better energy efficiency for your facility, leaving you to figure out the rest for yourself.

At MCIS, we strive to offer our customers a complete suite of monitoring equipment and services, ensuring that they have everything they need to get a power quality analysis program that drives better results. We’ll provide the power quality monitors you need, help you install them correctly, help you collect the results of the metering, and then help you interpret what the results mean in the context of your facility. During the entire process, you’ll never be left alone or wondering what you need to do next to move forward with your power quality analysis.

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